All my scattering moments are taken up with my needle.  ~Ellen Birdseye Wheaton, 1851
YESTERDAY. There are so many things to say about yesterday. Several years ago..I think  around 2002, a group of us  formed an unbelievable, magical circle of friends and quilting. We have gathered at a camp here in Georgia twice a year and we have ourselves a sewing and fellowship filled good time. I can’t EVEN put it all into words how many memories live at that camp. Yesterday I went down to the camp for the day to spend sometime and sit and sew. My time is limited because………well you know it is the market prep and other work obligations that prevent me from being able to spend a whole week at retreat. YESTERDAY I needed that place MORE than I even knew when I was driving there. One day, not a whole week, was all I had time for right now so off I went. I enjoyed it so much and I loved being there with friends in that room YESTERDAY! 

Here are some photos of the finished quilts that were flying around the room. With peanut  cheeto gallery comments.

Sharon and this wonderful blue and tan. She had a terrific technique for sewing the blocks that made the quilt construction sooo easy. What is better than blue and tan I ask..What is better than Sharon? I wish you knew her. I love her, she is the most generous kind hearted human being. A very special friend.

Get ready cuz here comes Margo’s show and tell. #1

Margo #2   we call her Magoo not Margo it is a term of enderment trust me. I think this is a Thimbleberries quilt. sheesh

Magoo #3 is on the left. This quilt has a story. See those blocks? All of the Crows (as we called ourselves) made those blocks and we traded them. Magoo put the quilt together with everyones block. The other members of the group (myself included) tried to remember where we had put our blocks. Magoo actually made the dang quilt. Holey smokes way to go! My little block is in the top left corner. (I sure you knew that !)
MAGOO AGAIN #4. And she works full time as a nurse!

Ok you guessed it more Magoo #5. Showing my Slice of Christmas pattern for Tree Skirts..sooper dooper Thanks Magoo.

Magoo has to sit down now because it is Sharon’s turn. I would tell you our nick name for Sharon but I would have some splainin to for now she is Sharon II. Sharon I was the short one in photo one. Sharon II does amazing hand quilting. This quilt is a commission quilt from someone who wanted it hand quilted. Fabulous quilt and Sharon is putting some wonderful handwork on the quilt.

This baby is worth a closer look!
Sandy’s baby quilt or maybe it is Vicky’s not sure but I love that Suess fabric!

Cindi’s pumpkin table runner. I considered throwing her on the ground and taking it away from her..But then that just is not nice and Cindi is the nicest person!

Leslie top and Cindi with a Star Quilt they made at a recent retreat. I don’t really know the name of the quilt but I do know it used a fancy specialty ruler. I’ll find out more. Both these quilts are going to be great. The quilt was a terrific border too.

Teresa and her Neutral quilt. This quilt is so sophisticated and wonderful. Teresa has the best eye for choosing fabrics and color. She made the model for the quilt on the cover of my book. She is a most excellent quilter and I am grateful for her sewing help! She is peaking from behind the quilt most probably making some funny wise crack.
There was a quilt I missed that Debbie was making a child’s quilt..I will get a picture and post it as soon as I run Debbie down! haha I’ll have to put my sneakers on!
Once again I have overloaded you with photos. I hope you will forgive me but I really love to show quilters off to other quilters. 
Yesterday (sing with me)
All my troubles seemed so far away