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Ask not what fun does for you. Ask rather what you do for fun.


 I have some good, good fun to share! First of all, I got an email from those lovely friends at Martingale. They are hosting a QUILTMAKERS TREASURE HUNT! Now I ask you who doesn’t luv a good hunt? You need to follow this link thingy and get on over there click on the Quiltmakers Treasure Hunt at the top of the page and registrate yo self and win some prizes (well that is the goal at least). Go on now, git along and WIN WIN WIN!  HAVE FUN! Come back and finish reading my blog post. I’ll be here waiting. 
(btw my spell check just blew its spell check thinks I’m stupid.)
Yesterday sooo many friends posted the BEST stories in the comment section of the blog. I laughed and cried and enjoyed every word that ya’ll yous guys, you all wrote. I think you would enjoy reading the stories too so here is the link to yesterday..Enjoy. (Hopefully more people will write stories today.)

As promised here is the little binding hint I wanted to show you today. I will be posting a full binding tutorial on my new spruced up web site A. M.  (after market that is…) Ok here we got. Comments are under each photo.

First, hopefully are sewing the binding to the finished (Quilted) quilt/project with your walking foot ON (trust me it is the right thing to do! The walking foot keeps all those layers in perfect allignment).

When you are sewing binding on and you get to a corner,normally most people will stop 1/4″ from the right side and bottom of the corner. My suggestion is that you stop with needle down through all the layers.

Then pivot the quilt and sew about 3 stitches into the corner of the quilt. Cut the thread and set the quilt FREE from the bed of the machine.
See those cute little stitches. 🙂

Now that you have those little stitches you have a great 45 degree line to set the corner of the binding. Fold the binding up and over the corner and you are off to the races again on the next side of the quilt. *** This photo may confuse you a bit..I used the foot of the machine to hold the quilt so I could show you the 45 degree angle of the fold. I did not fold the quilt up and over the corner yet… (try sewing, holding a quilt, taking a photo, singing to the ipod, drinkin a Coke Zero and eating a snack…pretty much how we roll here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters)

Ok is this helpful? I think you will like the end result. Perfect mitered corners on your quilt!!!! Let me know what you think.