The Driveway

Recipe:  A series of step-by-step instructions for preparing ingredients you forgot to buy, in utensils you don’t own, to make a dish the dog wouldn’t eat.  ~Author Unknown

 I‘ve been sitting on the driveway all week long, day and night, waiting. For what??? I’m waiting for the shipment of MY BOOK. Many, many books. The thing about sitting on the driveway is that you notice the extreme temperatures this time of year in Atlanta. Sweating one minute, chilly the next. Then there are the bugs. If their is a mosquito within 700 miles of me he will find me. (that’s cuz I’m so sweet righ?.Or maybe the fact that they love Oscar de la Renta parfum). You get to see lots of neighbors passing by. They stop and say Hi and their dogs visit my lawn (swell)., At any rate I decided to cook a pork butt and make some barbeque because my Son In Love in coming in this weekend. So I put the butt on the grill. Then I went back to my driveway sitting.  I got distracted and didn’t want to leave my post because I knew Mr. UPS would arrive around 5pm. I was cookin the BUTT low and slow (this is the South people). This was the result…I believe there was a bit of a flare up on the grill.


Debbie came by and was showing me this quilt. So stinkin cute.

I showed her my butt. She laughed so hard she was cryin. She told me that maybe I could make one of these quilts one day. I told her that would never happen if I keep serving burned pork REAR END! It is now 9 am…I have lit the grill AGAIN, and now I’m cooking the Son In Love some wings, and it is back to the driveway,neosporin on all my insect bites and I’ve got a long extension cord and my featherweight hooked up out there. Its going to be a lovely day!