A goal is a dream with a deadline.
-Napoleon Hill
I have a goal. Maybe if I say it out loud it will happen. Right? Saying it on my blog is the same as sayin it out loud right? Probably not. I don’t know, maybe I just need more coffee this morning. Here is my goal. I want to be ready for market 3 days before I drive the land yacht out of the driveway. I want to relax and read a book or watch 87 hours of movies, get a pedicure, take a nap, or do some non market related sewing. 3 DAYS … Can this happen? (fat chance).  Nope I will be running around with my hair on fire from now until we leave.
I did manage to go to small group sewing yesterday.  I mind blanked the fact that I was playing hookie from market prep and enjoyed sewing with wonderful friends. Teresa made a soopper doopper lunch. Here it is. 
 And you thought i was going to take a lovely food picture styled and ready for a professional cooking magazine right? I’ll leave that to the culinary arts people. I’m keepin it REAL here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters. Trust me lunch was gooood!
Maybe I’ll do a whole series of photos and call it Inside Refrigerators of the South.
Back to sewing (I really do need coffee).
I love this wall hanging Teresa made, Cathy was making one too. And LOOK THERE IS MY FOOT AGAIN! HAHAHA This time I had on a shoe. I was breaking in some new shoes I plan to wear at market. And today I have a brand new blister and the shoes are back in box. What is up with me getting feet in every photo??
OOOH Baby. Kathy Schmitz stitchery. I did this one myself. Finished it too, and it is in a drawer in my sewing room. I really must get that thing out and frame it or pillow it up. NEW GOAL! 

Teresa made this wall hanging. She is going to hang it on the wall where she is standing. That girl has a great eye for color and fabric. She is a PROFESSIONAL at making fabric choices. Amazing workmanship too.

Holey Cow now this made my skirt fly up. (my mother used to say that all the time) Look at this bed in Teresa’s guest bedroom. I love, love, love this quilt. And check out that pillow at the head of the bed. It is my Wrapped in Comfort pillow pattern. Neutral baby…yup yup yup

And here is a photo of more feet. And Julie’s Chippawa Nine patch quilt. NICE. VERY VERY NICE!

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If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend I will be signing books at Little Quilts (in Marietta) Saturday 10 am and at Sweet Home Quilt Co. (Conyers) on Sunday 1-4 pm. Come by and lets sit a spell and have some fun. I will be wearing those shoes again! and probably laughing. Come see us!