Martingale Week #6

If you want your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page

     – Mark Houlahan –

Monday…Martingale Monday that is! I’m getting closer to Quilt Market and the excitement builds. Even with all that is ahead that must be done, and sleep that is lost and stress of getting it all together, I have to say I love it and I’m so blessed to be doing work that I love dearly. 
Here is the quilt from my book that I wanted to share with you today.This quilt has some personal feelings attached to its beginnings. It all begins with this!
This glass basket belonged to my fabulous Grandmother. Katherine Margaret Sly, nicknamed “Kitty”. (yes I said maiden name Wys my married name no vowels my whole life, only impostors, HAVE MERCY!). Kitty was an artist, she painted and taught piano lessons her whole life. She went to art school and the Conservatory of Music.  She taught me so much! I loved spending time with her because she would draw and create with me all the time. Her love and encouragement was a force in my life that I draw such inspiration from all the time. This glass basket was hers and became the first, in what has grown to be quite a collection of glass baskets…none as special as ” Kitty’s Basket”. 
Here is my quilt so named   “Kitty’s Baskets.”   I have to tell you that when I planned this quilt I thought..Can I make a group of flowers from Neutral fabrics..without it looking like dead flowers from a funeral home? (my brain on overload). I’m happy with the results and I’m happy that the quilt is HAPPY LOOKING. I arranged the flowers in the baskets so that each basket had a slightly different arrangement (not so symmetrical so to speak). I also hand quilted this project #1 because it was the right thing to do #2 I wanted at least 1 project in my book so show that option. #3 Kitty would have preferred it that way. I used taupe floss and did a kinda big stitchy grid. It was very easy.

I’m sure that Kitty would love it. I’ll ask her when I see her in heaven.

This is another project from the book. A mantle scarf made from grey silk and embellished with white snowflakes and 40 zillion crystals. no 50 zillion crystals. It looks so pretty across my mantle. The photo in the book captures the crystals very well but seeing it in person is AMAZING. I’m very happy with this project. BTW when I appilqued the snowflakes I appliqued them through the top, batting and backing layers so it was “self quilted” as I sewed which made the project go even faster to completion. It is a goooood thing!

On to the prizes. This week I will give a way THREE signed books along with a spool of Neutral Aurifil thread! So we will have three winners this week. WOWZER!  Post a comment to this blog and tell me about your grandmother or grandfather or someone who had a profound influence on your life. Kitty would love to hear what you have to say. Please post before midnight EST on Wednesday.I will draw for the winners and make the announcement on Thursday morning.
Come back tomorrow, I will show you that little binding trick.