Winner Week #7 Martingale Monday

-Pat Wys/Silver Thimble Quilt Co.

Thursday morning, what the heck happened to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday? I promised to answer my own question “What inspires you to Quilt?”. That was Monday…ok so I’m a teeny bit late. Here is the answer. These are not in any order, they are just what happens at different times.

Inspiration 1: Other quilters, particularly the members of my Silver Thimble Club which meets monthly here in the burbs of Atlanta, then there are the workshops, guilds etc. that I visit and teach/lead, and also the blogging community etc. Just people and their quilts. I see them and I am just blown away and want to create, and sew .Usually, I’m teaching or lecturing so I have to wait until I can get home to sew..that is the hard part. I see everything and talk to so many people who are sewing. I want to jump in the chairs and sew with them. Lots of times when I’m reading blogs about quilting etc I just get up from the computer and go sew..I can’t take it anymore I have to sew!

Inspiration 2: A good quilt shop. How do I know if the quilt shop is good? Well, there is this feeling, my heart starts racing…my brain is jumpin, sweating can occur,  I tend to squeal..and act like a fool..the credit cards and cash jump out of my purse…I looooose all control, the final blow comes when I want to run OUT of the store and go immediately home and sew. I can’t wait to go home. I drive very fast, run in the house and take up the needle and rotary cutter! Refuse to cook dinner could care less about watching TV or cleaning house. That is how I know I am inspired by a quilt shop. There is no relief from this feeling, I just have to sew something or sit down and draw out my latest design idea.

Inspriation 3: Books,  particularly lovely coffee table books with fantastic quilt photography. Very inspirational, and I have a growing collection of great quilting books. Perhaps I will do a separate blog post on that subject. Interested???

Ok lets have some winners!

 True Random Number Generator 47  14 

True Random Number Generator 47  44

#44 Barb 

True Random Number Generator 47 19 
#19 Barb C.   

Send me an email with your snail mail addresses and I will get your winning prizes right along to you. 

OH MY!!! JUST FORGOT I HAVE A HAIR APPT…GEEEZE. If you are in Atlanta I’m the one in the CTS speeding along the road. Move over I’m on a mission.