Fall Market Photos

Asking a quilter to mend is like asking Michelangelo to paint your garage.  ~Author Unknown

I have been on a teaching whirlwind since I came home, traveling all over the state of Georgia doing workshops for the Georgia Quilt Council. I’m having a terrific time meeting new quilters and spending time with them! It is amazing how much I love to be in the quilt classroom. Well, maybe not so surprising because I spent over 20 years teaching Kindergarten and First Grade, I still miss those little ones. I think teaching will always be ”  where it’s at”  for me.

I will be doing 3 more workshops this week ending with a trip to Savannah. Maybe I’ll drop by and have a bite to eat with Paula Deen while I’m there. Ya’ll. 

I will show you some photos of market today and tomorrow. Becky took a ton of photos, me….well I was having so much fun bouncing around like Tigger that my camera was the last thing on my mind. (Is there a punishment for bloggers who are not taking proper photos to report back??? If so you my turn my name in?sheesh)

Becky and I with Jackie from http://cvquiltworks.blogspot.com (what a doll!)

Lines and people everywhere for my Martingale book signing. sigh..
Our little booth. It looked great. Very HAPPY I was very pleased.
And we had our own little POLE DANCER flying above our heads. Straight from BJ’s Garden!!!
The fabulous Kelly from I HAVE A NOTION. On Halloween she was trotting around with an apron on with about 20 different scissors hanging from the apron. It was so funny. (ok, I know, no photo of that, sheesh)
Book signing at the United Notions booth. Look on the table, do you see the little bag of Cheetos that was given to me as I was signing the books……How funny. (Hey maybe I could be their spokes person, or maybe that is not such a great idea)
See my book on the rack of books in the Martingale Booth. I about peed in my pants when I first saw it.

Jodi Davis from QNN TV. Sweetie Pie..so warm and friendly. AND CUTE TOO!

This week I will be teaching a lot and will have some great people and quilting to show you. (my camera is glued to my hand) I have enjoyed these past few weeks watching my book take flight but it is time to get back to the business of designing, sewing and blogging!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned.