Hold on There!!!!

Things won are done, joy’s soul lies in the doing.
-William Shakespeare

My goodness…holey moley…it is holiday time. I’m still thinking it is time for the watermelon and flag waving. What happened to summer?  Why is everyone at the mall? I have visions of quilt designs running around in my head NOT SUGAR PLUM FAIRIES! I need a do over, a mulligan. What is going on?

Oh well it will get done and we will all be Merry and Bright. right?

Today is put the Snow Village up day. I have informed The 
Earl de Schlep to be home early and prepare for village construction. That alone is a 3 day job..today it is a one day job. I shall not rest. The village much go up before Thanksgiving. Why??? Because I can’t deal with village construction while I am turning the joint into Santa Land. nope no way. Plus it has to snow inside the house for the VILLAGE to be complete. I rent a snow blower and blow the stuff from here to kingdom come. It is swell! I’ll take some photos. Everyone thinks it is so pristine…I’ll show the reality of it all..just for you!

Remember the cool sewing carts they are hiding in the lawn and garden department of Sam’s. As usual the Thimbles have taken it to a new level, and here is the proof.

Exhibit A
We have Karin’s little sewing wagon. Complete with license plate and twinkle lights.

Yes friends…this little wagon was loaded for bear!
Inside the basket is Moda Man and Loose Threads. Don’t go there it is a Thimble thing…I promise!

Note the horn on the front. Get behind her and she will honk that horn and you will have a surprise!

Exhibit B

Sarah loves all things red. Sarah especially loves all things red with tinsel and adornmentalized (my blog my language)
These two were along for the ride. I think their names are Henrietta and Max..but I can’t be sure. I was laughing so hard I lost oxygen to my brain. Notice the cup holder in the front of the cart, AND the horn. That horn will blow you into next Thursday. Don’t tell Karin, hers was a little whimpy.
There they are. Parked side by side. Henrietta and Max sitting so sweetly. Moda Man and Loose Threads doing heaven only knows!

Dear Santa,

Please bring sewing carts to all my sewing friends.
The Head Thimble 
(the cheetos are in the pantry you get way to many cookies)