We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.- Buddha
Thanksgiving is in the rear view mirror now! What a great time with family and friends we had! The food was, as usual, wonderful and plentiful. YIKEES. It is salad and fruit for me today. Our family tradition is to decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving. My kids heads would spin off their shoulders if I even thought of decorating this joint before Thanksgiving! I made the mistake of pulling out my Christmas china last Wednesday. Mary Beth refused to eat a cookie on those plates! Nope no way… The fall holiday decor must remain up until the day after the turkey has strut through the house..yep that’s IT.My kids have rulz about this stuff.

Then on Friday…all hell breaks loose and we make Chili and goodies to eat throughout the day while the parade and football march on with the Christmas decorations drug out from here to kingdom come! I must admit I love that day. Having adult children and a Son In Love makes the set up wonderful.

Look who is watching TV while putting the Santas on the top mantle. Talk about close up viewing.
Boxes everywhere!

 I especially love when they break out in song while hanging from their toes on ladders. 

How to hang a quilt on a railing. You throw one leg over it while pinning the middle. I would have to go to the hospital if I tried that!
Don’t know where to put stuff..just pile it in the kitchen of course! Mom can find a place to hide it! oi vey
And people don’t think it snows in the south…Hold on I have a thing about cords showing. Cone back.  Zone one is not right!
Santa is working on Zone 8, Hogging the step ladder too!
Is that quilt batting bits I see? hmmmm
Don’t know where stuff should go..just trow it back in Mom’s bathtub she will have to deal with it if we leave it in the kitchen or the tub right??? Hey there are quilts in there!

I finished Zone 972 last night,and the halls are decked the joint is ready. Come on over. Perhaps I should post the finished decor. You know me, I like to show the reality of the holiday fun here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters… there are plenty of pristine photos out there! Wait till I start BAKING…great balls of flour everywhere.