Quilt Market OH MY!!

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. -Aristotle

Try as I may, blogging just DID NOT HAPPEN. 

28 hours of driving, to and from Houston, a bug bite . probably a spider or creature from the black lagoon (if I could find the little booooger I would end its life NOW and never have a regret) and a vicious allergic reaction, sweating, massive headache, eyes watering as if I was into the ugly cry, and we won’t mention the sneezing and what my nose was doing..soo lovely!  Booth set up, trip to Painted Pony & Quilts (such a terrific shop!), Houston traffic , Sample Spree. Up every day at 6 am,  working the booth, schoolhouse, book signings (boy was that fun!), dinner, back to the room to review the days happenings, remembering what needed to be done Kristie and Becky  writing everything down for me (thank goodness because my brain was mush), falling in the bed and starting the process over again. Did I mention the spider? Then there was the matter of my lost and not yet found cell phone not good (I bet the darn spider got that too!)

There were the ANGELS  in my life BJ, Becky, Brenda and Kristie…They were there when I needed help and knew what to do even before I knew, they anticipated my every thought and helped me so much (I was very busy and my brain was in overdrive, so what else is new… very scary). They kept track of everything and the booth ran so efficiently… I owe them so much. Did I tell you how blessed I am?? I love them more than I love cheetos. To infinity and beyond.

What can I say…Martingale people…SIMPLY THE BEST. Thank you MARY, MARY, KAREN, KAREN AND KAREN…If you need a job and your name is Mary or Karen you might try Martingale..hahahaha.

There was this quilt. The third quilt  BJ and I have designed together.  The response to this quilt ballllewwww us away! I was a dooozie of a hit!

BJ’s cards. ANOTHER HOME RUN. I am so happy for her. She is my design partner and my friend for life. She is holding a bundle of fabric in Painted Pony and Quilts that was made for our Star Spangled Celebration quilt.

And my little bookie. I was hoping for a good response. What we got was MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING……..I have no words. (insert tears of joy here I can’t see my computer screen now!) Yes, I’m proud of the book but most of all I’m grateful for the opportunity to write it. The response was fun and now it is back to business and designing!!!!

I do have more pictures which I will show them over the next couple of days. I missed my blog, I missed reading your comments, I’m back now and there is lots to say and chat about. (BTW after reviewing my photos..there will be a boycott on the cheeto thing, some power walking, possibly a personal trainer and a plastic surgeon!!!!!!)