You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. – James Allen

From the vast territory of Texas and Houston quilt market to the mountains of North Georgia and then to Savannah by the sea...dang I have been there in the last three weeks. I’m home now and anxious to get back to designs and sewing and blogging and cooking. I don’t think I can eat another meal from a bag. Road food so to speak. What I’m craving now is my own cooking! 

Chattin it up with Jodi Davis and Mary Burns in Houston

I have had a fabulous couple of weeks meeting friends at market and meeting quilters around the Great state of Georgia. I feel like I have made at least 2000 new friends. We talked, we learned, we planned, we quilted..well kinda. I am anxious to get behind my sewing machine! When I am around quilting 24/7 and have no opportunity to sew I get an itch to lock up in the sewing room and just sew, sew, sew.  Benadryl won’t help. My Bernina is the only known cure for sure!

Quilting is the topic…with Neutrals to begin the show!

 There has been some amazing news from Silver Thimble World Headquarters. (insert drumroll please).  It seems that my book will be going into a SECOND printing after only a month in stores. 
  Spotlight on Neutrals is getting around!!!! Let’s just do a little happy dance….can you believe it? I’m so grateful that the quilting world likes my little bookie! Just VERY VERY GRATEFUL. 

Quilts going up and down so fast my head was spinning. I bring around 60 quilts to show. I’m a quilter and if I go to a class or lecture dang I wanna see some quilts. Don’t you agree?

More teaching and the obligatory Coke Zero in the foreground..hahaha

Bumpin my gums..sheesh My father used to fuss at me about talking with my hands.

I love this photo of ”  US”  Bj and I!

Precious Karen Burns the Martingale Halloween bunny. She is so stinkin cute! 

I have some more fabulous news to share but it will have to wait until Friday. Stay tuned.Silver Thimble World Headquarters is a joy filled place. Why not come for a visit? The door is always open. 

Happy to be home and bloggin it up…that ‘s me!