I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.
– Diane Ackerman
We had a wonderful weekend in Asheville. The Biltmore was amazing and the Grove Park Inn with all the Gingerbread houses and choirs singing…crisp cool cold mountain air was deeliteful!! Best of all the 5 of us just enjoying being together. The expecting parents were adorable. So happy to be planning their family. Makes you all fuzzy and happy to be watching your adult children preparing for the next generation to come. Yup it is all good! Here are some of the Gingerbread houses from the Grove Park Inn. The first place house was not on display, it was being sent to New York for an appearance on Good Morning America. dang!
This beauty was one of the top 10. Talk about sugar!
Well who doesn’t love a good sewing machine!
And a mouse in a bowl of spools and ribbons!
This box of Christmas ornaments was the second place winner. I swear they looked like real glass ornaments! Somebody has a lot of time on their hands. I wonder if the maker eats as she goes!
This toy box was one of the top ten. Amazing!
Another top ten. sheesh Who does this? Who thinks of these things? OK so the same can be said of quilt designs right?
While we were gingerbreading I caught Thing 1 and Thing 2 looking longingly out the windows of the Grove Park at the golfers below. hmm. Pay attention men there are 250,000 more gingerbread houses to see. 

On to the Biltmore House. George Washington Vanderbilt certainly built himself a sweet little place there! This is the side view. The house is a mere 135, 000 square feet.

I love these two young women, yes I do.
The whole family took me to Asheville Cotton Co. They were in the middle of their Saturday Sampler so the place was packed. Mary Beth made a bee line for the rack of books and found my book and held it up over her head like Rocky on the Steps…right in the middle of the group listening to their Saturday lecture. It was funny. Robin the store owner was cutting my fabric in I was pulling bolts of fabric left and right. I was shoppin it up. The Earl De Schelp told me to go for it. soo what is a girl to do?  I tried to buy a Bernina 820 that part didn’t exactly go my way.
I want to sew…real bad……but you know how it is, so much going on right now.   Maybe soon I’ll lock myself in my sewing room. I will probably be making bumpers for the nursery.