It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.-Albert Einstein

I’ve been busy with final home holiday decorations and writing…writing and writing.I enjoy writing but I am anxious to get at my sewing machine. I wish I could do both at the same time. That would be a good resolution for 2012..figure out how to write and sew simultaneously. (high probability for errors!)

I wanted to show you some photos of Thimbles Club show and tellz. I better show you now because you need to see this right? Who doesn’t love a good  bring and brag show and tell. Here we go!
Marti and a UFO from the past…NO LONGER A UFO! Look at the smile on her face. Yes siree she is enjoying her retirement!
Leisa showing us the Primitive magazine page where she got the idea to make this.
She took a pre-made quilted table runner (from Wal Mart no less) and did some wonky applique! BOOM DONE! So if you are in the burbs of Atlanta and want to get a table runner..don’t bother to go to Wal Mart, we got um all.

Marilyn and her fantastic quilt.Marilyn and Ann are havin fun showin it off!

Becky’s finished quilt from a retreat she attended last year. This quilt is really sooo very nice! Good job Beck!
Debbie brought this big as the house quilt by! It is super king size and super wonderful. Another UFO into the finish line.

Linda and the best snowman of the year! We all tried to steal him.  Not a good idea when Santa is watching.

Linda again. Wowzer!
Linda again. Way out of the box quilt for her. She likes more traditional colors and design. We should all step out of the box more often…what do you think?

Tricia’s Emily Jane in purp! I love it was much as the original color (red) in the pattern.. No maybe I love it better.. I just love it. yup

Kim and her Farmers Wife quilt. Finished and quilted. There are no words at all.
This is Karmen’s baby quilt. The baby is about 28 now. hahaha Talk about finishing a UFO…oh my! Cute quilt!

Here comes the Sandra show!
Sandra II who doesn’t love a great wonky house.
Sandra III. Carpenters!

And we end our bring and brag where we began..with Marti and her retirement UFO completion party. We did this kit with Thimbles club about 47 years ago. Marti is still smiling and laughing!
I’m doing a workshop tomorrow can’t wait to spend the day with the Spirited Quilters Guild!