On the Road Again

Do What Makes you Happy
Be With Who Makes you Smile
Laugh As Much as You Breathe
Love As Long As you Live

January is a month full of travel for me. I’m off this morning to Knoxville for two fabulous days of teaching. Yup a huge room full of quilters. Lecture/Trunck show and 2 workshops. Sir Quilt Dude is packing the 75 quilts we bring to show and we are off! I’m looking forward to this trip so much. Do you think I may get to stop by a quilt shop on the way? Keep your fingers crossed. There are some great shops in Knoxville! I’m getting some hand work to play with in the car. I’m one of the lucky ones, I can read or sew in the car. No motion sickness for me, so I’m perfectly happy to ride shot gun!

I finished my big secret project that kept me busy for the last few weeks so now I’m back to sewing. I have a grand baby coming in May so I better hop to it. They are decorating the nursery in Aqua and white. Sweet soft baby. I’m looking for great aqua fabrics for a sumthin, sumthin,m sumthin I will be making. (ok so it is not a stretch to figure out what I’m making duh) And guess what..that has to be a sewing secret as well. dang, dang double dang. Sometimes I think I lead a secret life.  Which is not so swell when I want to blog about everything I do.

When I get back I want to show you (and I talked about this in December) some of my favorite “Special” quilt books. I collect coffee table books, you know the ones that make you wonder if you should really pull out the credit card to buy. I love these books and want to show you a few. So stay tuned!