So Much to Tell

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

The Earl de Schlep and I just got home from teaching in Florida for a fantastic group. 67 women from as far away as Alaska were in Panama City for a retreat sponsored by Quilting by the Bay. I was their retreat teacher. I think we had more fun than they did! They have moved the site of this retreat to a new location (I’ve been down there on two other occasions). The new place is sooo nice. We really enjoyed it. Did I tell you how I love being able to travel with the Earl. He takes good care of me.

The ladies were busy working and playing and enjoying all that the retreat had to offer. The shop had kits cut from some of the quilts from my book. That was so much fun watching everyone carrying around my book and making the quilts. Joy JOY JOY! Here are a a few photos. With comments from the peanut gallery.

There were two giant rooms of people.I wore my roller skates.

Jill was making this version of my Sunnyside quilt in Stonehenge fabbies..oh my. This quilt is going to be sumthin I’m tellin ya. Jill had the cutest purple featherweight machine. I was going to steal it but I decided that might not be a nice thing to do. First impressions count. I’ll get it next time.
Scrappy Nines in batiks…zowwie!
And Scrappy Nines in black and tans. yummy as always

And here we have Scrappy Nines in color. Yes my friends you can make any quilt from dah book in color…yes sirree you can, be not afraid.

Holey Moley look at this. It is HavenStone in cowboy fabric. Sylvia was making it for her husband. Yippee ky yay! And isn’t she smart for throwing that blue in there! A pop o’ culah! good goood good

Janice with all her organized Scrappy Nines segments all ready to go.  What a sweetie pie.  Suzette is busy over there sewing away. Those girls has some fun let me tell you. (and they didn’t know each other prior to coming on retreat!)

 I wish I had taken more photos but I was busy bouncing around with 65 other women. Not much time to think about photos. Bouncing is important. If you ever have a chance to go to this retreat in Panama City Florida. Jump on it. You will have a ball I promise.

I really want to thank Kelly over at I Have a Notion for the very special review of my book. I’m one lucky quilter to have such great friends out there diggin my book! Check it out! Thanks again Kelly.

I swear I will do a post about the big surprise! I’m home now for a week so maybe I can get caught up. HA…like that is reeely going to happen.