You Never Know

Joy and sorrow are inseparable…together they come, and when one sits alone with you…remember that the other is asleep upon your bed.
— Kahlil Gibran

I have been away teaching and spending time with fabulous quilters from the Lake Oconee Quilt Guild. I have a little story to tell but will need to keep names and stuff out of my story. Here goes. After I finished my guild lecture/trunk show I was signing some books for some of the members. A lady came up to my little table and took my hand and got soooo close to my face. I’m talking nose to nose here! With tears in her eyes she said that she had lost her husband and had not smiled or laughed in months until today. She thanked me for helping her to smile and laugh again. Blown away…completely mush…shook to my core, I will NEVER RECOVER or forget this sweet lady. We talked briefly and I told her that I think quilting is NOT about the huge stack of quilts I brought to show. It is about relationships and has enormous power to heal, bring joy, and form amazing friendships.  I asked her to go home and take up the needle again, invite some friends over to sew…she promised she would. There are tears in my eyes as I write this…I can’t explain it..I don’t even know why I choose to write this.  I hope you will understand. This is NOT ABOUT me or anything I said or did.

Well, maybe I do know.  The lesson in this exchange between two strangers was huge. The first being…YOU NEVER KNOW...for me, it is that you never know the path God will put you on or the people that will walk into your life so suddenly and impact the way you think. I was bouncing around having fun with an audience of quilters, doin my think so to speak, without any knowledge that there was a person sitting in a chair that was suffering and was experiencing a tiny but of fun and joy that had left her life for so many months and found a few minutes of relief, WHO KNEW???? I know that I will see her face in every guild talk I do from now on I will never forget..and I will FOREVER be grateful that I have been allowed to do what I do and I will never take that for granted, because YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!!

So while I usually send you pictures of quilts after I visit a guild and such..No quilts today. JUST PEOPLE, wonderful wonderful ladies, quilters all traveling the same road with different ups and downs happening in their lives. Isn’t being a quilter the most special thing???

BTW my special friend from the story above is not in any of these pictures. These are some of the fabulous ladies that attended the workshop. What fun we had too!