The Best and the Story

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best. -Epictetus

If you only knew how hard I tried to blog from my retreat in Ellijay, GA. I struggled with my iPad app, Blog Press, downloaded another app and that did not go well. Finally on the last dang day of the retreat Blog Press decided to make a return visit. Who the heck knows what was happening! I have so much to blog about (with photos)…I decided to wait until I got home and collect my thoughts and reconnect with my blog via my computer. Don’t get me wrong I have some serious love for my iPad, no complaints. I think we may have an operator issue here. i cannot tell a lie.

Ok, so my retreat in Ellijay was, Bliss, JOY to the MAX, I swear if you could feel the love, happiness and excitement in that room you would smile for days and days. We had chilly but fabulous weather. Sewing, looking out the windows at the lovely panorama view of the North Georgia Mts. Great people, great food, great fun, great fellowship….amazing quilts! We laughed until tears rolled down our legs… Oh be still my heart. Do we reeeely have to wait another year for this event???

With so much to say and so much to show you I’m going to begin with one quilt and one person that I really MUST call some special attention. I see so many amazing quilts and meet so many wonderful people at the guilds and shops I’m so lucky to visit. I love sharing the photos with my cyber family. Rarely do I call ONE out and spend some story time with you….this is one. Here is the quilt, sans borders they are in development. Stay tuned. 


And here is the maker of the quilt standing (give me a heart attack! standing in two folding chairs! and she is having knee replacement in a week) Mercidene!

And here is the story….. Several years ago, I think it was Summer 2005.  Mercidene showed up at my ”  Summer Stitch IN”  at the local shop here I was teaching. She signed up for the whole week.  She brought a kit we had offered at the shop and was off to the races, or so I thought! She told me she would need my help. (That was an understatement).  Ok that is what I’m here for, that is what I love to do! So, after 7 long days and and long nights, many ”  counseling sessions”.  It was a completed quilt top. 

That week could be compared to having my teeth pulled one by one with no Novocaine. It was quite possibly the worst quilt I have ever seen. I’m tellin you that quilt was miss cut, miss sewn and miss led..miss guided. Everything that was wrong in quilting happened to that quilt. Through it all Mercidene worked on. Through it all the teacher worked on. Pat wanted this woman to stay with her quilting, get better and fall in love with the art/hobby we love so much. (an exercise in patients). Although there were moments during that week when I wanted to say to her that maybe she might want to consider taking up Scrap booking or gourmet cooking as hobby, we became friends and sisters. Mecidene became a quilter.  I love her..A LOT. 

And here she is…with her current quilt…When I see this photo I swear I cry! 

Everyone at the retreat got up from their sewing and came into the other room and gave her a round of well deserved applause…The student has past the teacher….if you teach that is the goal. It is what it is alllllll about! Better than that she is the kindest, gentle woman… Thank you darling friend!

Miz Mercedine…..This blog post is for YOU!

So much more to blog about. I’m home and reconnected.