Country Threads Blog Hop Book Review

 When a friend asks you for a favor…say YES…everytime!
 -Pat Wys

 Today is my day to give a little review about Connie and Mary’s book “Back to Charm School”. I will stay on task and review the book but first a message from our sponsor  ”  me”. 

I could not review the book without talking a little about Connie and Mary. These two ladies have been in business for 29 years. This alone is an accomplishment of epic proportion.  They are without doubt…QUILT INDUSTRY TRAILBLAZERS! A few years ago I had the pleasure of hosting them for dinner in my home along with a group of friends who co hosted. We had a grand partay and I have special memories of that night and the retreat that followed. Whatta treat. I will blog about that tomorrow (with photos) and tell you about the memorable time we spent with Connie and Mary. What I want to say here is that the honor of reviewing their book is something I’m grateful and happy to do for these two gentle spirited, kind hearted women.  So now I get to talk about ”  Back to Charm School”…my pleasure ladies!

Let’s just talk about the title of the book and the theme ”  Back to Charm School.”   Each project has a GOLDEN RULE of manors and ettiquette to live by. I love it! Am I getting old (don’t answer that question) or are we forgetting our manors more frequently? I love each little pearl of wisdom and laughed at most of them! Use a Napkin only for your Mouth! hahahaha Never Wear Gloves at the Table. These are great. I would like to add one. Turn Your Cell Phone Off in a Restaurant.. ok I digress I’ll get off my soap box. I love the theme of the book sooo much. GENIUS LADIES. 

Do I have to pick a favorite project from this book..reeeely…I’m mean seriously??? Ok so if I could only choose just one I suppose it would be Do No Put Your Elbows on the Table. 

  The Honeycomb I quilt. This is my kinda quilt. It is old fashion looking but you could jazz it up with some contemporary fabbies. You could also make a little mini signature quilt from it and have your sewing group sign the blocks or sumthin like that. I think I will try to make this little quilt and reconnect with my inner Y seam. Do some hand work in the car while traveling. What do you think? I haven’t made a project using templates in a long time. This would be a good place to return to hand piecing, which is how I learned to quilt back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

I also like the cute and funky pillow Clean Your Whiskers after a Meal (I can so hear Connie and Mary saying that). I think my girls would like to have this pillow in their homes. What a quick and fun project. (told ya I couldn’t just choose one)

This book is perfect to pick up and make some small projects that are doable…They point out that you can do the machine quilting on your home machine (a prospect that terrifies me). This may be a super place to practice quilting on my machine instead of quilting with my credit card! I would be more inclined to do some hand quilting, again the projects are small and I can get er dun without too much stress!

We have come to love the beautiful photography in all the books that come from Martingale & Co. this book is no exception. There is a warm cozy feel to the projects within the pages of ”  Back To Charm School”  which is no surprise because of the warm wonderful people who wrote the book and the company that styled it. It is kinda like putting on your comfy clothes and sitting by the fire and planning your next quilt project. Wrap yourself up in this book friends, and start sewing you won’t regret it!

I have two books to give away. That means there will be two winners hahaha (I’m such a smarty pants).  They are both signed by Connie and Mary. Just cuz I love ya I will throw in some pre cut 5″ charm squares cut from my very own stash…and a copy of the Goat Gazette. I will tell you, next post, about the Goat Gazette which is the newspaper that Connie and Mary have been sending out for years. They were into social media before it was KOOL. 

 So leave me a comment and tell me where you are from and what quilt project you are working on right now. Go on now.  I want to see a whole bunch of comments so tell your friends to stop by!
PS. I will leave this give away open until 10pm Monday night. Then I have to go to bed I need all the beauty rest I can get.