January sewing retreat with friends!

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.- Mother Teresa

Don’t cha love a good Mother Teresa quote to begin the day. What I wouldn’t give to have seen or met her in person. I have a list of people I would love to meet (living and gone!) Mother Teresa is at the top of the list for sure!

Last week I spent a few days off on retreat with some sewing buddies. It was very very super much fun. We laughed and talked non stop and the machines were humming. It was one of the best and most relaxing retreats we have ever had.  I worked on a quilt that will be a gift soon. I will show it to you soon but for now I have to hide it. It was nice to be able to sew a little sumthin for personal for a bit of a change.
I want to show you some of the projects that were zipping around the room. Get ready for a little showie and tellie..and if you are thinkin that you are going to get out of reading this blog without comments from me on the photos…THINK AGAIN!

Teresa’s scrappiness. How many different fabrics do you think she used. sheesh
This is Debbie’s quilt (one of them, there were deux) I think she said she was giving them to the Quilts of Valor program at our guild. NICE very NICE!

Leslie has this one in the works. It is an Alex Andersen pattern. There will eventually be a string of lights appliqued into the borders. I just love this quilt. yes I do!
Now here we have Miz Jean and her killer batik nine patch o’ rama. Dang girl. Guess where this quilt went. She gave it to the people that run the facilities where we were sewing for their auction. Jean Jean Jean…what a sweetie pie.
See the wonderful blocks made by the above “Jean”..stay tuned cuz in a few photos I’m gonna show you the REST OF THE QUILT.

Pincushion trade…aren’t they soo cute all lined up on the table!
And this is a photo of the pincushion Paparazzi. Where else can you see a bunch of women all taking photos of dang pincushions…so funny…so US! (apparently,we are easily entertained )

My heart stopped when Ann finished this quilt. Soooo summery sooo picnic…It was a kit offered at my Thimbles club…I wish I had made one for myself.
Sandy was putting this striking quilt together. Looks like a granny square afgan doesn’t it!. Love love love it. So old timey.
Debbie’s trees. I want. I want I want.

OK so remember those blocks from above that Jean made? Here is the rest of the quilt almost completed. I had to stare at this amazing work for hours from across the room..Jean Jean Jean…what a perfectionist. Whatta quilter there are no words . So that is it for January. Wonder what will happen in February??? It is almost time for my peeps to go to my retreat in ELLIJAY. WHOOP WHOOP!!!