Leap, and the net will appear.-John Burroughs

I forgot to put this in my blog post yesterday..I have an interview that  with the fabulous Durby Peterson from Martingale! If you go  here there is a rolling headline with the interview linky thingy that will zoom you directly to the interview. ZOOMING IS GOOD.

MY PICTURE IN A ROLLING HEADLINE!!!! The first time I saw it I about konked my head on the floor when I fell out of my chair. (I needed a quick infusion of Cheetos.) This is crazy, I need to settled down and go quilt sumthin… who knew??? ME in a rolling headline AND a featured interview with the best publishing company on the dang planet. I had tons of fun doing this so I hope you will take a little time to read it…let me know what you think…pahleeze!!! ok so I’m a little needy here and insecure about all this interviewing and stuff. I need to hear from my blog friends. Get along now you have reading to do. I’ll be waiting right here for your comments..or I’ll check my email every 1.5 seconds.