What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

I’m in the Mountains of North Georgia. Tryig to blog about my retreat which begins tomorrow! My problem is this. The app I use on my ipd “Blog Press” won’t open. The screen pops up and then immeditately shuts down… I’m soooo not happy right now. I have rebooted the thing. No luck. I had planned to blog it up while I was here having so much and I wanted you to be a part of all this. I wanted you to share the love so to speak. (or be sad you aren’t here with us).

If anyone can help me with my app issues pahleeeze leave me a message. I will be forever in your debt.

BTW I can’t upload photos from ipad without that app. Dang dang double dang. I hae so much to tell you ad share with you.