Off to some Sea Island Fun!

 Good friends help you find important things when you have lost them, your smile, your hope and your courage.
 -Doe Zantamata

Packing quilts and packing clothing and packing a project to take on the road. I’m going to Sea Island South Carolina to do a lecture/trunk show and workshop. Wanna see what I’m taking to sew?

You didn’t seriously think I would show you everything did you? Well the color and shape are good keep it a secret.

This trip Debbie is riding shot gun with me. WHOOP WHOOP. We have talked about this for sometime and now we are OFF TO THE RACES. I’M SO EXCITED.  Guess who is going to be home playing with the Thimbles Club…The Earl de Schlep and the Queen of Little Quilts Mary Ellen. (this should be good for a laugh or two!) The Earl said he would step in for me. Now, how is he going to handle it when someone wants to see a demo on squaring up a block or how to make bias binding?? I hope the Thimbles Club members are ready for this! I don’t like leaving them! 

  As for Deb and I, we will be seeing the sights in Sea Island, playing with QUILTERS!  eating seafood, doing some shopping,( a new quilt shop is having their Grand Opening while we are there isn’t that fun!?) and then we plan to do some sewing. Don’t worry about us we will muddle through.

I dare say that what I’m about to write will come back to haunt me. Here it goes…I WILL TRY TO POST A BLOG OR TWO. I always say this and then time, fatigue and fun get in the way. Then there is the downloading and uploading of photos etc. etc. etc. So my friends please don’t keep me too close to the fire on this promise to blog! (I don’t want to disappoint or get my feet singed).