A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on. Carl Sandburg

This is a speed blog….It is 9:24. Emily is set to arrive at 9:30 (we’ll see if that happens!). Tomorrow is a double baby shower day. AM shower is for Emily/Russs and the YOUNG PRINCE, MY FIRST GRANDCHILD!!! I have a quilt to show you but won’t show until after tomorrow because their are snoopy people (my children, Son in Love) who STALK  read my blog with love and admiration! They are nosey. 

The PM shower is for Ansley, Emily’s childhood best friend. I also have two quilts to show you after tomorrow, see above comment!

Oh the pregnant one has arrived! I wanted to show you some photos of Thimbles meeting at our new home. Here are a few.

I never tire of looking at this quilt. A Bonnie Blue pattern. Ooooh baby baby…
Julie’s Over the River quilt. Leisa quilted it…Ooo baby baby

Our new home! Oooh baby baby
Sarah and her baby quilt. Ooooh baby baby!
Karin who believes if one magic wand is good then 4 is even better. Oooh baby baby. Ok so I have baby on the brain. Gotta run there are shower preparations going on here! OOOOH BABY BABY!