You can choose your own COLOR!

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. -unknown

Zooooom there went another week. I swear I blink and the days fly by. It doesn’t help to lose on hour. Dang I want it back! Does this time change thing make you crazy? I love the extra light in the evening but it sure does mess with the sleep thing, and sleep issues are a problem around here. The committee that lives in my head (no I’m not crazy..much)  is in full session trying to awake me up for a meeting or sewing session or writing session or thinking about plants to plant for summer. NOT GOOD!

I wanted to show you my soon to be grandson’s quilt and my friend Sarah’s quilt. I took a quilt that I love from my book “Spotlight on Neutrals” and slammed it with some CULLAH, so did Sarah! Yes my friends, YOU can take any project from my book and do it with your favorite color way! The quilt police do not exist in my universe. People almost apologize for choosing color over the use of neutrals when the meet me. I love the use of neutrals but I love me some color too…sooo… I will be honored if you will send me a photo of any quilt you make from my designs,  I can swoon and giggle.(be glad you will not witness my swooning and giggles)

The original “Sunnyside” quilt from my book. I love this quilt. I wanna kiss it!
Sunnyside for my grandson Jackson and his mother,  I’m gonna kiss him lots…we will get to meet him in late May. His parents are really nice and I love them. They are finishing up the nursery now..soft baby color. Aqua and white with some soft taupe thrown in. The back of this quilt is mikie..minky…minkie, its real soft, makes you want to cuddle and suck your thumb. I made the quilt in it’s original size, in retrospect it is obviously not a baby quilt. His mommy and daddy can use it while they are holding and rocking (and not sleeping!hahahahaha) More quilts for Jackson to come, right????

Above the original Kitty’s glass basket and “Kitty’s Baskets” quilt from my book! The glass basket that belonged to my sweet Grandmother, with a baby photo of her great Granddaughter, my Emily. Waiting for the birth of her great great Grandson. I’m sure she was watching from heaven during the shower!

And Miz Sarah’s hand appliqued version. Batik loveliness. I swooned over this one yes I did. Thank you Sarah. I’m off to do some big stitching and cut out some wool applique today!