Handwork just got EASIER!

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 I am a NOTIONS JUNKIE..there I have said it out loud, do I need a 12 step program or any other support group for this?  I read about all the new goodies. I buy the new goodies. I tell people about goodies. That being said, I decided to share some of my favorite goodies and toys. I will do this from time to time. I have tons to share! Let us give a moment of silence and honor the quilters who have gone before us making the most fantastic quilts with nothing but a needle and a candle.(while wearing corsets and boustiers! eeeee gads!)
OK! now lets get down to some 21st century quilting fun! Wheww I’m better at this than the pioneer stuff. I’ll start you off with a tiny thing that I have come to love. If you like to do stitchery and wool applique this baby is for YOU.

Here she is..so sweet and cheap around $10. This is the Clover Embroidery Needle Threader.

It has a wider threading loop than those other flimsy kind. I use an embroidery needle a lot when I’m hand blanket stitching using floss or pearl cotton threads. They can be difficult to thread. I love my desk top threader but it does not love the larger eye of the embroidery needle or the thicker strands of floss/pearl cotton.
Yup! this little sweetie pie does the job every time!! and she comes with a protective cover so she does not get bent when you put her in your sewing go kit (you do have one right?) or when you toss it in a drawer. (I have experience with these matters. I speak the truth.)
Get cha one and one for your sewing buddy! 
PS. I am NOT paid to say this stuff I promise. If that ever happens you will be the first to know.