Too much thinking to do!

You can never cross an ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore
I have to lose sight of the shore  PRONTO..The above quote is for ME today. I’m at that creepy point, thoughts,…stress..strength…self doubt..self confidence SOMEBODY STOP ME NOW! So much to do, so much to accomplish… and so little time. The sleepless nights and thoughts!!! Here is but a sample…
Can I get it done? will it be enough, don’t forget TO DO this and that and this and that, THE LIST IS ENDLESS. Keep the daily list of must get done THIS DAY by your side, remember the sun cannot set on the daily list until it is done!  Work until you drop into the bed every night and pray you can sleep enough to start again tomorrow. Keep going girl because you are making magic. Grandson coming enjoy the JOY! Don’t think about the end AND all the stuff to do to get there… just breathe and take one bite of the elephant at a time. You can do it girl! Take time to eat healthy instead of standing and walking around sewing/designing/writing while eating a mini meal..aka junk! Try to remember your friends and their special days. Be a wife and spend the best time with him because you are so blessed with the most fabulous husband. Blog more, Comment more on blogs..speed reading is not good. Lose the Pintrest addiction, it is a time sucker! Keep up with your reading list and be a good member of BOOKIES, book club! Plant the summer annuals. Grocery shopping , cooking… keep your house ready for company (gee thanks mom!).and on and on..

Ok! that felt good to write down, thank you for your kind patience. I am through with my breakdown and we are back to happy reality.  I’ve mentally slapped myself around and now I’m skipping off to the sewing room for a day with my design wall and a lot of fabulous fabrics.  Perhaps some soft music. Like
Lynrd Skynyrd..Sweet Home Alabama….deedahdeehdahdo. Sing and dance with me today pahleeeze!

I’ve been busy with my hand work…some top stitchy on wool and fabric. What a blast this is, and soo fast! You will get to see the whole project sometime in the near future.! LOVE IT!

BTW I still like Pinterest! I’ve shut that voice up!