When your heart speaks take good notes. -Judith Campbell

I’ve been on the road again! We are in full get ready there is a baby comin mode! I’ve attended two showers for the young prince. The first was a total surprise to both Emily and Russ. They were given a shower in Jackson TN. I told Emily I could not come because I had to work as I was soooo behind with designs and writing because of all the traveling I had been doing the past few months. She and Russ fell for that line quite nicely. I dove a mere 7 hours to get to the shower. Waltzed myself into the party, I thought she would pass out from surprise! Russ was there too. I told them both that they should know me better than to think I would miss anything related to the young prince! The scary part is how well I pulled off this lie! very scary!

And here they are the new mommy and daddy to be. Russ was home from hunting (turkey,RIP..). Emily was ready to party. (BTW she has on 4″ heals. I don’t think women who are 25 months pregnant should look that good and wear 4″ heals. There is a law about that right? )
Russ looking very manly modeling the new diaper bag..backpack..tote..WHATEVER!
Yup here is my grandson. Jackson, Jack, Prince Jackson, most precious, beloved Jackson, I’m gonna kiss you till your cheeks are raw Jackson, Jackie..pooh bear. Somebody stop me.
Mom will you get the camera out of my face. I’m pregnant.(ok so now your feet hurt, right Emily?just sayin)
Sewing, I will send along some photos of the bunting and mobile I made for the nursery. As soon as I get some photos of the bunting and mobile in the nursery. That would NOT BE MY JOB RIGHT NOW. As for now I’m sewing and designing non stop, day and night. So many projects flying around the sewing room it is mind boggling! And I’m NOT getting ready for Spring Market. I will be sitting this market out,  quite possibly sitting in a waiting room awaiting the arrival of the young prince. Sitting market out for a goooood reason. Right?