Where’s Waldo?

 A year from now what will I wish I had done today? 
-author unknown

 I have been absent from blogging for a week or so.(obviously!). I have been absent and frustrated. I have mentioned this before but I’m going to whine now okay? I try to blog on my iPad while I’m on the road. I have even bought two apps FOR DAT, Blog Press and Be Write. The problem is that when I blog. I write the blog, upload the photos, hit publish and BOOM…no blog. My posting won’t launch. Then there is the little matter of the not understanding the newer of the two apps Be Write and no time to really learn it while I’m traveling. I suspect that my photos may be causing the problem. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong please feel free to contact me or just come on over to my house and provide me with a tutorial. okay??? I will make you some cookies, or a mint julep.

We went on a week log speaking and teaching, 1500 mile jaunt through the Gulf States. Baton Rouge, Morgan City, and Jackson Mississippi were all stops. The lovely quilters who hosted us were  A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I swear if Quilters aren’t the best people in the world! So let me tell you a bit about the Gulf States. I’m a southern girl but I have never been to the deepest part of Louisiana (New Orleans doesn’t count in this case). I met people who were from the small towns in southern LA. Cajun folks! I could have listened to them talk all day long. Their accents were so strong and they were the kindest of people. I ATE MY FIRST CRAW FISH (and absolutely not…did I eat the head part..nope nope nope NO WAY). We talked about hurricane Katrina and the Oil spill and the hardships they have faced in recent years. Here is the thing…they live with hurricanes and oil rigs. This is their way of life and they love it. Oil is what keeps their community alive in a very harsh environment. (I’m talking swamps and bayous people..gaters and hot sticky, humidity).  It was all so interesting to me. I love to travel and meet people from different parts of the country and hear how they live and about their communities, life style, and families…but then I’m curious that way. 

I gave my lecture/trunk show and taught 3 workshops. It was the funnest fun that ever was fun. The gym was filled with quilters from all over the Gulf States. See that table? Those were all the quilts I took to show and talk about. There are around 85-100 on the table. It was terrific. 


The host guild (Morgan City Quilters) decorated the rails in front of the bleachers with quilts. I took some photos. I really was a warm welcome to all who traveled to the quarterly meeting of the Gulf States Quilt Association.

This quilt was their raffle quilt. So you didn’t win the lottery last week..this would be even BETTAH (that is cajun talk for BETTER).

Lets just take a closer look at this beauty!

HOLEY GUMBO IS THIS QUILT AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL. I hope they raise 12 million dollars on it..and I hope I win. 

Here is my cajun talk…DIS IS DEE BAYOOOOO (biuuuuuooo) where we et dah fish. If it swims in dee watah we eat it. Dasss reeelll goood. Dis is de photo of where we sat to eat dah fish. Der waz a gatah in dee watah. And turtles too! Pat did not eat de gatah stew..NOO SIRREE. She did say..SHOOT UM..we was embarras, but she is frum Lanna. Day talk funny.

Ok! I will never try to type in the dialect of the communities I visit again..that was hard. I’m back to my normal crazy words.

I have changed my travel schedule for a while. I have a grandson that will be coming soon and I have some very large projects in the pipeline that I MUST ATTEND TO. Perhaps I will take some time to learn those apps so that when I’m on the road I’m close to my blog. I missed my blog and I missed hearing from YOU!