More Quilts from Thimbles!

Always Bring Your Own Sunshine-Anthony D’Angelo
I have been wanting to show some more quilts from Thimbles meeting. I was talking to a friend last night and we were chattin it up about this amazing club. Magic is in the air every month during our meetings. We are not a guild but we have show and tells as good as any guild I have ever seen. Here is some proof! 
Brenda’s Aqua/Green/Red quilt..I may have to revisit my thinking about using aqua at Xmas. I really like this quilt. realllly reeeeallllly. I have the perfect guest bedroom for it too! hmmm  

Pat’s PURPLE PERFECTION…soooper dooper! And super large!

Becky. Lovely color combo. I swear I love it all. I want it all too! (not good)

Debbie K’s quilt that makes me want to have a picnic. This could be a summer classic!

Ok you had me at Brown, Teal, Tan and Pink. This is Linda’s quilt and let me say that girlfriend has an amazing and natural eye for color. You should ask her to put together some fabrics for your next quilt…she never misses!

Sandra and the French Braid spectacular. The gradations of color WOW. She is giving the quilt to her son..she loves him a lot!
OK this is stump the picture taker…I don’t remember who is behind this photo. It is purple so I think it is Pat..I feel so guilty, and I may be in trouble.

This is Sara and her rail quilt. I believe the name of the pattern was Popsicle Sticks. In view of my memory lapse above, I’m not to be trusted!

Tycoa  and her hand dyed pieces. Photo does not come close to doing these quilts me okay?
That is it for the quilts for now. I’ve got some sewing to do so it is off the the sewing room for some late night stitching. Friday night no less!!! Work, work, work…I love it.