“Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it.” – Tori Amos

I’m out of step. Have you ever tried to catch up with yourself? That is what I’m doing. I start my day with a clear view of how the day is going to go down and then all HELL breaks lose in my brain. I am 75 steps behind my brain! 

In view of recent events I suppose I should not be surprised that I would have trouble “getting my head back in the game.” but THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.  The healing process is difficult and confusing.  I made a conscious decision to have some normal days, (you know try to be happy, not so sad all the time) or at least I would give it my best shot. I have much to do and I keep spinning my wheels. I’m almost running in to the walls and I don’t know if I have my bra on.

I went upstairs and upturned my sewing room and then walked out. (swell) Then I decided to sweep the porch, left it half swept and left the dang broom out there.(groovy) So, I decided to fertilize and water the flowers, managed to do the front of the house and didn’t finish the job on the back of the house.(who cares if those flowers don’t make it anyway!) I thawed out some chicken to cook for dinner and decided I was in the mood for burgers. Ok can you see a trend here? This has been going on, and on, and on…

So now I’m blogging, but I think I’ll go read some more of the book I’m reading…“Hunger Games”  which I started reading 6 weeks ago,(I know the whole world has read this book and sequels, I believe we have established that I’m behind) or maybe I will just go have a pedicure.

Somebody needs to come and do an intervention on me real quick!!! My friend Brenda told me yesterday not to worry about this lack of focus she said it’s not like “You are a slacker.” However, I’m worried this is going to be a permanent state of mind. SNAP OUT OF IT PAT!!!! ok I’m going to go bake some bread now maybe some brownies too. 

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes. Come on over I could use some help.

 (No pictures downloaded on this post. I simply don’t have time.)