No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the BRIGHT side of things. -unknown.

Bringing a couple of “finishes” to the end. I’m working with BJ on some new designs for fall market and some other designs for  big deadlines looming! All in all I’ve had a productive week. I finished 5 projects I had on my Teux Deux list (yes there is a list) . I’ll get back to you on those when I can have a big reveal! It will be a while. 

I have been making and squaring up a zillion half square triangles…see my little birds nest? Then there is some piecing, and some applique. Yup, things are moving along here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters. The Earl de Schelp is in training. He is learning to cut fabric for the production division of Silver Thimble Co. (he also heads the shipping, accounting, travel, printing and janitorial divisions of my company). He is highly paid for his work and is now allowed limited time in the sewing room, an honor bestowed on few!!!  

To tell you the truth I have been in the sewing room for many many long hours. Why is it that something so fun and fulfilling can be so exhausting? I think it is just the non stop working factor. Too much of a good thing is still too much. My problem is that being in the sewing room 7 am – 11pm does not leave much blogging time. Once again I find myself vowing to set aside more time to blog, read and maybe even take a walk. (I’m getting carried away here! work with me) Why is it that I decide to start a walking regime in the middle of summer in Atlanta. The temps are supposed to get to 99+ this weekend. That is just STINKIN HOT…couple that with humidity and I will be running to the sewing room and that will be the only exercise I will undertake today!

I would love it if you would visit Emily’s blog. She has had a very special announcement and has written beautifully about it on her blog. You have to read it till the end for her special message. We are healing, ever ever so slowly thanks to so many dear friends many who we have never met!

Off to the sewing room! I’m late! I’m late!!! 9 am I must get upstairs.