Thank you to all…for the cards, emails and a thousand other ways you have supported me and my entire family. There simply are no words for this other than to say because of you.  
                           “I have been changed for good.”

  I hope you will go and visit Emily and Russ at their blog and continue reading their story and share their journey into hope..they really are a very special tribute to the power of love! A young couple dealing with so much…at such a young age… with grace and dignity beyond measure.

I have neglected my blog (among other things) in an effort to not impose sadness on this joyful place.  Being neglectful is not such a good thing. Especially if one leads an especially busy life. THAD BE ME! Staying curled up in a bundle of sadness only brings a pile of things that are not getting done, and only leads to complete terror when I sit down and write my “TEUX DEUX” list… So I’ve turned the proverbial corner and I’m going full steam ahead into a  list of things that need my attention NOW!!! 

That being said, the first on my list is to shoot a little blog post out there and just let you know things are moving along again, sort of..kinda…almost… 

I spent some time sewing the other day. I now have a new best friend. Meet my new friend Mr. Hot Stuff. He is the summit of strength, durability, dependability and HEAT.  He can steam YO MAMA TO THE WALL. Yes sirreee! His official name is the Digital V100 by Reliable. I prefer Mr. Hot Stuff.

I still consider myself an unofficial product tester. “UNOFFICIAL” meaning I’m not paid to say this. My friends, I have owned some irons, I have purchased just about every iron at every price point on the market. . I have ruined, dropped, killed (How does one kill an iron you ask? Easy! take your iron to classes when teaching…this is where irons go to die), and loved many an iron in my day. This iron is the top of the heap..the summit of all irons.

“Mr. Hot Stuff” is one helluva guy. He is kinda heavy so this means I can skip the gym cuz this will count as strength training right? (BUSTED.. so I don’t own a gym membership anyway).  When you fill the reservoir up with water you can hear the steam bubbling, getting ready for take off. It is SO EXCITING! (I’m easily entertained these days). You can press the heck out of anything. You can melt the bricks off the back of the house. Think of it as a Panni Press for fabric. It smashes and squishes and flattens the fabric and steams it into submission. OH MY GOODNESS be still my heart!


Warning. Mr Hot Stuff is not an easy catch. You gotta save your pennies because he ain’t CHEAP. As with most things, you get what you pay for and he is soooo worth it.

Kelly Jackson over at I Have a Notion  has got “Mr. Hot Stuff” and his whole family over there waiting to come sew with you. I think he is on sale too!  I forgot to tell Kelly I was writing this little blog post (oops sorry Kelly, she is my friend..I love her too!)

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