A Group full of Fabulous!

Beauty is not in the face. Beauty is a light in the heart. -unknown
2012 Stitch IN came to a close at 9pm on Saturday night. What a week! I have so much to show and so much to tell! It is hard to know where to begin. 
The projects completed were a record for us. 132! I lost track of the number of empty bobbins. I was well over 100! We did not count calories..OH NO that would just be wrong on so many levels!!!! 

Here are some photo memories with comments of course. You think I would begin with the quilts. NOPE. I begin with people, quilters and what is better than that?  It is what quilting is all about. 
Top Left..the final game of Left Right Center..who will win those blocks and have to make a quilt with them and bring it to the Stitch In next summer???
Top right. Karin WON! She was so excited can you see the joy on her face? Can you feel the magic? Yes friends Karin was speechless. Well, she said some stuff about the win but I cannot repeat what she said. It was not so nice.
Bottom Left. Melisa gave a demo on sewing mats to put under your machine. Stops slippage and bounceage..(my spell check just blew it’s brain!). This little project was probably to most popular demo we had this week. Their mats were each adorable and spoke to their personalities..they looked great on the front of their design walls and as you can see in the bottom right photo they looked great on their rear design walls!
Top photo. Ok girls, lets take a photo of the class. They really cooperate don’t they?? 
Middle left Melisa showing us how to make the mats. 
Middle right we had fun with crayon day and made quilt labels/pincushions/do dads. I love adult women playing with crayons!
Bottom left. Mercidene, always has a smile for me! Love her
Bottom Right: Leisa modeling her mother of the groom dress and sunglasses..hahaha. The dress is very wonderful! Then the lady in the dress is very special too! 
Top Right: They are beginning to settle down. It helps to take the kids out into the burning hot sun. They want to get this photo stuff over with hahahahaha.
Top Left: Karin her joy over winning those blocks knows no bounds!
Middle left and Bottom Left: Aren’t they beautiful (not all of the ladies that were at the Stitch In are shown here. Just the ones that were there when I squeezed in a photo op)
Middle: They just laughed for 6 days 12 hours per day. 
Middle right: games games games
Bottom Right: Chris had the best tee shirt on the last day! What is better than Seuss?
The quilts are coming! Just you wait and see!