Get a Jump on Christmas

I received this from two dear friends on the same day. Vicki my blogging friend and Jan D. I loved it so much I wanted to use it today on my blog. I am not neatly put together just so you know!

Sewing all day today whooop whoop. I finished some deadline things and now on to other deadline things. I’m celebrating the fact that I have had my nail polish on for 4 days and no chips. Hey! it is important to find joy in the little things in life right??? 

I needed to set up some small handwork items so that when relaxing (do I ever reeely do that?) with the Earl de Schlep I can keep my projects going. I like to have things to pick up and stitch as I go out the door as well. I traced a whole bunch of embroidery projects to get a small jump on holiday giving goodies! I ironed some freezer paper (love those Reynolds Wrap people!) to stabilize the tea towel I was using. Then onto the light box and tracing with my handy dandy Frixion Pen. You probably know about all this but heck I took some photos anyway! Let’s see how many of these little projects I can complete in one month! (haha could be a slim Christmas)

 On to the sewing room again for a full day. Too hot to cook or eat!