Monday thoughts while sewing

                        Love isn’t love till you give it away
                              Love isn’t love till it’s free
                               The love in your heart
                               Wasn’t put there to stay
                     Oh love isn’t love till you give it away 

                                                            -Reba McIntire
                          (sung at Camp High Harbor by 500 campers Friday night, sniff sniff)

 It is Monday..Let’s get this week started! What a terrific weekend I had. We went to the Camp Scholarship dedication for our sweet Jackson. There is a big story to be told here and I’m about to jump through this computer to tell the story. The truth is, it is Emily’s story to tell so I will let her take her time and write the story on her blog. I will let you know when she completes her posting if you would like to read it will be your option.

I have been super productive here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters, movin down the road with several projects and changes, all of which you will  be seeing soon. This makes blogging about what I’m up to difficult as usual! dang dang double dang. I think I must have said that a zillion times before..sorry

I had an idea for a new book while I was sewing. I think I will write a manuscript and send it to BRAVO TV. I think it will be a super big hit which will afford the Earl de Schlep and I the opportunity to retire to Bali or Fiji or some place like that. Here is the idea…How about a TV show called…drumroll pahleeez

The Real Quilters of Georgia”.   

 I think this could be the next big thing, or there is a possibility that I have been spending too much time in the sewing room and going a little wacko. Can you imagine the cast of characters?

Rhonda Ruler : she measures but not accurately
Tammy Triangles: she is one sharp cookie alright!
Monica Measures: she critiques every project (yes there are quilt police)
Belinda Bobbin: she is kinda wound up too tight
Rachel Ripper: She was a dancer in college (use your imagination)
Dawn Dresden: So sweet she brings snacks to every event

Oh!!!! I could write about people and then move out of the country because everyone I know would worry if they were one of the characters. hahahahahaha I just crack myself up. I could get  in some real trouble. This could be BIG fun.

That is it for my Monday thoughts while sewing what do you think???