A special quilt

 If I had a flower for every time you made me smile and laugh I would have a garden to walk in forever. 

I have been wanting to show you a very special quilt. VERY VERY SPECIAL. My friend Debbie has a fabulous family. I have had the pleasure of meeting them on several occasions over the years and it has always been super fun. Her Mom and Dad live in Ohio so when they come to Georgia it is always a treat to get to see them. Dad was celebrating his 80th birthday. This man may be 80 but I’m telling you he is actually 30 at heart. He is energetic and so much fun. I want to be like him when I’m 80.  Deb’s Mom is well, the same as Dad with a hefty side order of adorable! They are an amazing family to be sure!! 

Deb, her siblings and Mom decided to give Dad a grand surprise celebration for his 80th. Do you feel a quilt coming on here? Get ready………..Debbie wanted to make an autograph quilt so that everyone who was at the party could sign it. I think they had 110 million people or so at the party.  Did Debbie choose a traditional autograph block? NO! she chose this pattern by the designers Don’t Look Now. Wowwwieeee. (this photo is not a good representation of the color of the background. It is not that pink and strong. More subtle.)

Whata project. I got to see it several times during the construction process. You know, conversations about fabric, technique, process stuff, conversations we love. Debbie was reeeely brave on this one because she did all the work and then had people sign it at the party.  All it would take was one person to drop the PERMANENT MARKER on the project, and well…. it would not have been pretty.
( just sayin, I was nervous)

Debbie’s Mom loves turquoise and uses it in the decor of her home, so the choice of colors for this project was easy. Debbie machine appliqued the project with invisible thread and no raw edges (love that!). All her sisters and brother signed their names on each of the birds on the tree. (so sweet, birdies and their children (6) on the tree..sniff sniff).  

Then came the quilting. Debbie owns a long arm which she uses for her own projects. She knew she want to free motion the background of the quilt and was a bit nervous about it. She practiced and practiced and finally jumped in there and did it. She brought it over for me to see before she left for summer at the lake (in New York..gone for 6 weeks, I miss her tons!). She will be with her Mom and Dad so she wanted to give dad the finished and bound quilt.

I was shocked and amazed at the fabulous job she did on the quilting. (NOTE TO SELF: really Pat, you were shocked and amazed..this is Debbie here why would you be shocked and amazed) It was a work of art and some kinda of fabulous workmanship! She really has got it goin on with that long arm.  Isn’t this a wonderful project? So different than most autograph quilts…so creative. I just love it. 

BTW, Debbie is using the stripe fabric from the tree trunk and branches for the binding. I did not get to see it finished. I bet it really looks terrific! Just the perfect finishing touch. What a gift for a special man and his family! Good job Deb!!!!