New Web Site Goodies

It has been said that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I can bench press a Buick right about now! – unknown
Well the above about sums it up. hahaha I have been zooming around completing a lot of items from the To Do List while adding 10,473.5 more items to the list. I keep wondering why things are like this. I thought I was crazy busy when I had 2 precious little girls bouncing around the house! I thought once my girls were grown (and they are grown quite splendidly I might add) I would be looking for things to keep me busy and active. I thought I would be sipping adult beverages and deciding which book I would read next or if I should begin that Baltimore Album or Dear Jane quilt I wanted to do at one time…HA.
Is there anyone out there that will tell me if you feel the same way? I need to hear from you please! And if you are at home with small children…enjoy it…and buy some shoes with rockets on them cuz you are going to need them in 20 years. Ok that is my soap box of the day post.

I am late in posting a new kit addition that is on the web site NOW. We have kits available for the Slice of Christmas Tree Skirt! Whooop Whoop. This is the most popular pattern on my web site!!! So now we have a kit for THAT! The fabrics for the kit are fabulous, wonderful and to die for. Click on the name of the kit and you can see the fabric selections thumbnail.  Now you have plenty o’ time to get the tree skirts ready for Christmas. Skirts are large which is super nice and kit makes two tree skirts! One to keep and one to give away. I’m doing the happy dance over this one.
(This is my tree skirt the kit has different (newer) fabrics.)

I have a special gift from my daughter and her husband that is supposed to arrive today. I’ll get back to you with a photo!