Life whispers, listen closely. -unknown

During the Stitch In Joann brought a show and tell to beat the band. I was beside myself with amazement! She told us that her Grandmother had been a missionary in China many many years ago. She taught needle work while she was there. Joann inherited some of the pieces of her work. Let’s take a LOOKIE! 

Here is sweetie pie Joann rollin those dice trying to win a game of Left Right Center. Now lets see what she brought us to see! Get ready!

Exhibit A,B,C and D. This is handwork…counted threads..on linen so fine you can’t even believe it. We think it is a dresser scarf. I think I wanted to steal it. The workmanship was fabulous. The backside was as fine and pristine as the front. It is a museum quality piece. (note: Kathleen in TX. I thought about you when I saw this piece…if you are reading my blog now I know you have a smile on your face). Look at photo C..the edges are turned under, probably about 1/8th inch. HOLY BUCKETS! I need to up my embroidery work game, I am not worthy to even touch this stuff!

Can you say MONOGRAM MAGIC??? An E and an S.. The second photo is the backside of the monogram. Counted threads as well. I’m a sucker for a good monogram. I will change my name to Eliza Stinkyfeet if she will give me this piece.
So, after Joann brought these two pieces in she shows up the next day with this!

Are you there? How bout them HEXIES? Perfectly sewn and quilted.  I think she said her Aunt made it..Then she proceeds to tell me her other aunt or cousin or somethin is an amazing POTTER. 

Lucky lady to have such a Legacy of needwork!

More quilts later friends1