Quilt Show

All I want is peace, love, understanding and chocolate bar as big as my head. -unknown
What is up with sleep? I’m working about 27 hours out of everyday. I know that when I go to bed I’m ready to sleep. I sleep 25 minutes..and BINGO! I’m awake and ready to start the day again. What the heck is up with that? This is so ridiculous!  I have either been sewing or writing or writing or sewing or designing. Loving it all but sleep wouldn’t hurt. 

I wanted to show you some funny photos with the story that goes along with them. My friend Becky and I went to judge a fabulous quilt show for a guild  in Ellijay (North Georgia Mountains where I host my winter retreat). We had a fabulous day and a wonderful lunch after the judging with the Crazy Quilters of Ellijay. 

Judging a quilt show is hard! You really have to put your personal preferences aside and be fair. hahaha. Fair can be tough.Just sayin. 
Reading the judges book is always a good way to greet the judge!
What did I say about a proper greeting!
I hope they are taking notes because there is going to be a quiz on that book!

We chose the quilt behind these precious ladies as our BEST OF SHOW. yes we did…and we chose right it was wonderful!
Another one of our favorites. 

Here is the truth. I loved judging this show and I have so much respect for people who are certified professional judges…Tough job. The best part is meeting new friends and playing with quilts!!!

Back to work, I’m late this morning! Things are happening here at Silver Thimble World Headquarters. yesirree. You will see, eventually.