Silve Thimble Club! July

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Let’s just get right into it. Quilts from Stitch In 2012 and from regular club meeting which was on Friday and Saturday prior to Stitch IN beginning on Monday. I will show you the club meeting quilts first. Strap yourself in for a show.
Teresa and a fabulous quilt she and Suzanne are each making. Can you see the adorable bias stripe binding..cute cute cute!

Suzanne and her enormous quilt. Made for her nephew Connor and his new bride..Whatta wedding gift. Nicely done.

Kaleidoscope..soft and very interesting too!

Teresa again with a wonderful Jewel Box quilt.

BURPLE…Wow Karin is loving her retirement!

AWWE SHUCKS! There is my Star Gazing pattern made by Julie. Nice job girlfriend.

Cindi and a quilt that was a fabric trade with some of the gang. Love it too!

Judy and her fabulous applique blocks.

Karin hiding behind her Schnibble quilt. Who doesn’t love a good house?

This is Judy’s Bunny Quilt. The photo does not do it justice. It is amazing amazing amazing!

Gretch and her Schnibble.Terrific.

Ok so I can’t remember who is behind the quilt. Maybe Linda or Shelia or Santa..anyway it is so beautiful. and so well done.
 Ok more to show later friends! I’m going to go sew now.