The things I learned from Mom

From Pinterest!

I am the daughter of the original Scarlet O’Hara. My mother was “Epic” in her very Southern style grace and gentile manors. She taught me how to entertain. To be effortless in my hospitality. When the guests arrive, the kitchen would never look like you have been working in a sweat shop. The table should be set with flowers, lovely linens, crystal, china, mint julep glasses. She taught me to be  dressed to the nines ready to serve the most sumptuous meal. Yup that is how it is done friends. My mother taught me these things. I learned them so well at the foot of the master!
The table was lovely when my guests arrived. Why would I take a picture of anything so normal? This was how I always entertain. The kitchen was spotless and there was no evidence of the meal that was to magically appear! (thanks Mom).

I served my guest  morning goodies and a meal that was entirely taken from Pinterest! What fun, a bit scary because I had not tried anything prior to serving. (note: mom would NEVER serve anything she had not tried and perfected..never, no, no, no)
Sewing prior to lunch! Ann is working on that Kathy Schmitz project! Stitching away.
Teresa and Marilyn doing some hand work as well.
A  day of fabulous food and sewing. The participants came ready to roll. Suzanne sent a vat sized mug of coffee flying down the table. The stain was about the size of the Gulf of Mexico. (Note: Mother also taught me not to make a big deal of a guest and a minor spill…we don’t want our guest to feel uncomfortable or the think we over value our possessions like quilts or linens, after all they are just THINGS, PEOPLE ARE MORE IMPORTANT!)“No problem Suz it is just a ivory quilt. I can make another one!! Let’s eat” I said. (thanks Mom).
We had  morning goodies: 
Cinnamon Sticks, Spiced Pecans from the crockpot.
Lunch: Monterrey Chicken, Sliced & Roasted potatoes, Asparagus wrapped in bacon, honey beer bread and the classic southern dessert Chess Pie (wanted to see if this recipe was as good as my mothers). Lunch was terrific. yup. We sat and sewed like ladies and laughed and planned quilts and had fun.
Wonder what BJ is working on down there? Bet it is something we will show at Market in October.
 Yes my entertaining skills, grace and charm are all in tact. My mother taught me so well. What a lovely day for true LADIES.  (thanks Mom). Isn’t my home lovely?
She would be so proud of me!