You thought I was finished! many photos!

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway 
 – John Wayne

 You thought I was done..finished..over. Nope I still have some sooper dooper quilts to share. I just can’t stop myself. So lookie!

Shelia and some more stitchery. She used crayons to color in the details of the little children. It was terrific.           
Exhibit A
Exhibit B!
What is better than middle age women having fun with crayons? Kristie got the demo together and supervised the kids while they colored hahahaha. Just like a teacher!

Cacey made her practice project into a little pincushion! cute huh?

Holey Moley Miss Rosie Quilt Co./Eventide Karin worked all week on this quilt. Carrie N. would be soo proud! It was a start to finish project. The pattern is one of my favorites!  Karin has a fabulous way with color too! I just love it. I just want it. Swwwoooon! 
Cindi and her sewing machine mat.
Julie and her sewing machine mat.

Joann and her lovely jelly roll quilt! Yellow and Grey very different and wonderful!
Sue and her UGA quilt. She worked so hard on this quilt. Then while ironing some of the fabric bled! I suggested she take it home wash it with RETAYNE and a die magnet sheet..Close the door on the washer and Pray! It worked. No more bleeding and the part that bled washed right out. perfect! Works everytime! The retayne and die magnet sheet..and prayer, write that down, each step is important.

Elizabeth’s wedding quilt. Very large wedding quilt! Wonderful.
Gretch and her Civil War block of the week quilt. Wow.        
Lets just look at some Silver Thimble Quilts shall we? I love me some Sunnyside…up on the design wall by Susan. From my book “Spotlight on Neutrals”..yes sirreeee that is a fine quilt. In any fabric neutral or color!
Brenda and her Comfort and Joy. She did the applique by hand. Nicely done Brenda. BJ and I are so thrilled for you!

Tricia and her HavenStone pattern. Her version is in alllll batiks. Wonderful. Also from “Spotlight on Neutrals”. Zowieee!

Look what we made? 24 years ago The Earl de Schlep and I brought this fabulous young woman home from the hospital all pink and wonderful. She has been a joy…everyday since. We love you sweet girl..Happy Birthday! (which was actually Saturday she was born 8-4-88 at 8:48 cool huh?)