Do small things with great love – Mother Teresa
It is just “that time of the year friends”. Market looms and work abounds. I’m off  with the Earl de Schlep to do a lecture and workshop tomorrow. Looking forward for a return visit to the Cotton Patch Guild in Athens. I must have behaved ok cuz, “They liked me…they really liked me”. (smack I just had a Sally Field moment). oh well. 
I’ve been intending to show you some great photos from Thimbles and well…see opening sentence! Here they are with peanut gallery comments.
I wish you could get nose to quilt with this photo…folks those are selvedges. Yes they are!

Antique quilt Brenda bought from a fellow teacher. You don’t even want to know how much she paid. I think is was like 25 bucks. Are you there? did you faint?

And now we have Sarah. Front and back in her darling jacket. Modeling it when it is 104 degrees outside. I’m sweating just looking at it. I would like to make one of these. But then I don’t think it would look as cute as Sarah. I would get a call from Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear because…well, I would look like the Pillsbury dough boy gone all WRONG! Sarah will just look plain adorable this winter, if we have a winter.

Everything is comin up roses for Linda (who is a member of the rose society) (no kiddin!). Check out the closeup of the rose! very nice. I think she should spray it with some lovely scent. I could make one of these roses because trust me I’m no Mr. Greenjeans!

And now Linda has pumpkins. This is making me feel a bit behind the seasons.

Here comes Shelia with her poinsettia quilt. dang..I’m just calling off the holidays this year. ok?
That is it from here. I’m taking my camera with me to the guild tonight and tomorrow. We will see if it makes it out of my purse.