Therapudic Diversion

the wisdom of dr. seuss
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It used to just be called fun. Now all things fun fall under the category of Therapy. I managed to put a mental muzzle on the voice in my head and struck off for some fun with Mod Podge! Actually I organized the little fun fest, which seemed smart at the time but quickly the voices took over and I was into “What the heck are you thinking girl. Don’t you have enough to do without having a floor cloth class!” Like I said I shut those voices off and enjoyed myself…very much!

Jackie came out and so did Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen was her Vana and we all enjoyed learning how to make floor cloths. We made placemats which were just a mini floor cloth so we could learn the process.  I’m over the moon and have been for some time about this process. I will be pursuing this avenue VERY SOON (A. M. after market as I like to put it) (by the way here are some of the A.M. things I’m planning…sleep, vegtables as in decent meals, reading and lots of it, sewing for myself haha we will see if that happens, spending time with the Earl de Schlep he is wandering around the house wondering if I’ve finally gone over the edge). BJ and I have been talking about floor cloths for some time now. So we are good to go A.M.
Here are some photos..We met in the club house in my neighborhood. Tons of fun and donuts! There were 20 of us in the class so Jackie and Mary Ellen were busy. I got to be the student for a while..novel concept I will have to put that one on my A.M. list!

 Jackie and Mary Ellen teaching away.

Cutest Hungry Caterpillar rug, with ric rack no less. It was terrific!

One of the small mats we made.

This was a rug Jackie made. Looked like quilt blocks!
Jackie’s Pineapple rug. She said it sits on her porch.

And my personal favorite the basket of flowers.This one blows my skirt up for sure. There are my toes. Aren’t I a great photographer? By the way these last two pictures were not turned this way. I don’t know what the heck is going around. Oh well. tip your chair to the right and enjoy a side way view. 

 Thimbles club meets this weekend..I’ll be back with show and tell for sure.