We interupt this Market Prep for an announcement

It is a good day. I had a great time last night with some dear friends, and I went to Barnes and Noble and could not find this..

So, I went to Kroger to get some wine and candy corn ( it has been non stop work around here! wine and candy corn is a good thing). What did I find at Kroger?  You guessed it. This…..

I am so happy to show you my wonderful scrappy quilt Peaceful Valley which is featured on page 40 -43. I am even happier to say that you can get a kit for that, on my web site right now!  Kristie has got it all ready. Here we go! Silver Thimble World Headquarters is expanding into a whole bunch of new areas so there are more announcements to follow.  More and more. I will have more and more time for all that after I do more and more and more work in preparation for market.

Back to market prep…with wine and candy corn on the side! (wait till you see the 5 new quilts that are comin..whoop whooooop.you will see them soon, very soon)