Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever. – Walt Disney

After a fabulous Thanksgiving we are all decorated for the holidays and looking quite festive if I do say so myself! The kids were all on board and the Santas, lights and wreaths were flying all over the place! It was work, but work when family is helping is always better and is always fun!  This year I decided to spray a zillion wreaths with snow. After breathing 17.5 cans of snow and wondering what all this was doing to my lungs…I made it. Nobody told me this snow crap  Christmas fabulousness  turns to baby powder or some fasimile of that! I look like the Pillsbury dough boy covered in snow! You can’t even imagine the dusting a cleaning that will have to be done! Oh well it was worth it I guess.

 Just in time for cyber Monday we have reduced the Peaceful Valley kits from $95 to $70.

…and the Slice of Christmas Tree skirts from $85. to $60. while supplies last! These have been super popular and we have more coming. You have a good shot and finishing the tree skirt for next Christmas right?? hahahaha. That’s the way we roll around here anyway.

Wait till you see what is coming Jan 1!!! whooop whooop. I’m so happy to be blogging again and sharing all the fun stuff going on. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers. They sure do help. We had a great Thanksgiving and we are all looking forward to Christmas and 2013…HOPE is a good thing.

PS. I’m thinking of moving my blog to Word Press. Has anyone done this and what happens to my precious followers? I’m scared.