“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”
 Mother Teresa

It seems as though I have been a very good girl this year, or Santa has on rose colored glasses! I’m going with the good girl idea so work with me here. I got this note all wrapped up in a lovely box about the time I thought the present unwrapping had ended.

A VERY BIG BIG UNEXPECTED surprise! I have been told to pick out THE DREAM MACHINE…I do not have to be told twice either, I’m not pushin my luck!

It goes without saying that Santa is a wise ole soul and knew that he would be better off letting me make the choice in the selection of this gift, most probably Santa is clueless as to where to go to get what I would like..and knows that if he had made the choice I would have smiled and claimed to love it and NEVER…NO NEVER returned said gift. I would have learned to love Santa’s choice.That is just how it is with me.

I figure that this will probably be the last machine I ever purchase so I need to really think about this carefully. You can help me, yes you can! There are things that I want to have in a new machine and here is the list in no particular order. 

*Wider harp area (you know the distance to the right side of the needle, mandatory)
*Built in walking foot (mandatory)
*Needle down (duh)
* Auto thread cutter (ok I could probably pass on that)
*Excellent and beautiful blanket stitch and blind hem stitch..(and I’m not kiddin here! super mandatory)
*Mirror image (duh) 
*Knee bar (use this a lot during machine applique, mandatory)
*I think I would like to stick with an up and down bobbin set up but I could be swayed into buying a top loader…I think
*Multiple stitch memory (again, good when machine appliqueing) 
I would love it if the machine was fairly quiet (I have to listen to books on tape and movies and stupid TV shows.) 
*Lots of needle repositions
*Stitch regulator (maybe…possibly…I think..I would need to be sold on this feature. It is probably a good idea since I’m NO MACHINE QUILTER I stink at it as a matter of fact, but would like to have the option of getting better not mandatory)

* I think it might be cool if the machine had a quilting stitch
* Large cone tread holder might be nice.
*I would love it if the machine was cute!

Things I don’t need. 
1.Embroidery module. Nope no way. I’ll pay someone to that.

2. I don’t want the machine to have a football field size of  a table between me and the needle. This is important. I like to be nose to needle with my sewing.  (It is okay if the large table is to the left and back of the machine.)

3. 750,000.125 stitches.  Come ON am I seriously going to use all that? If the machine has them along with the other goodies well then, ok. But seriously I’m not into sewing little duckies on my stuff! 

4. It does not need to sing or speak to me.

5. It better like Auriful thread cuz I’m never switchin..But what machine does not like Auriful thread..really!

6. I would like a manual that I can read and understand. I do not want to go back to school to figure this out either. 

7. I do not want to download a 700 page pdf either! Lot o luck with this request Pat!  
 8. This relates to #6 and 7.. I don’t want a steep learning curve to this machine. I was intuitive. I’m a busy girl and I need to go go go. I only have so much time left you know. 

Here is more information. I teach all over the country and see and hear a lot about machines. I will tell you that the question I get asked the most is “What kind of machine to you have?” The answer is a beloved Bernia 1090S. I have had it around 18 years I think. It has never given me any trouble. NONE, NAH DAH. It has never been in for anything other than basic cleaning and tuning once a year. I clean it ALLLL THHHHEEE TIME….I take very very good care of her. Do I NEED a new machine? No, this is not about need. I would like to have some of the new features on the machine and I would like to preserve the long and long life of the current beloved machine. I will never, never sell or trade her in. EVER! The next question I get asked a lot is, “If you were going to buy a machine what would it be?” My answer is plain and clear..“Buy the best you can afford to buy.”  Honestly, I see so many and hear so much about machines I’m confused. I think my comfort level and trust is with Bernina..but I’m impressed with Pfaff and the Janome 6600. So tell me what you think and be honest.  

Comments please!!! and if you know the price point of what you speak let me know. I may need to let Santa know what he just got himself into. I need your help.It is a deep subject.