No I am not lucky. YES! I am blessed. – unknown
Merry Christmas! HOME, my kids will all be home tonight. Sleeping in their beds. I cannot think of one thing on earth that makes me as happy as that. Home with Mr. Wonderful
 and the kids in their beds, babies no more, adults with jobs and lives of their own. and in their beds tonight! YUP! I am one happy woman my heart is bursting with Joy. 
 I hope you have the bestest and the merriest Christmas ever. My wish for you is simple. JOY! AND LOTS OF IT! I will be thanking God this season for the love and support we have recieved from the readers of this blog this year. 
As for next year. I have plans!!!! yes I do but for now, I’m concentrating on JOY and A THANKFUL HEART  for all the blessings I have in my life…and I repeat, those babies of ours in their beds tonight.I’m gonna sneak in their rooms and just look at them while they are sleeping! 
Merry Christmas friends!