My 12.12.12 day

Think and wonder, wonder and think. -Dr. Seuss 

12-12-12 very cool. I love special days like this, with special numbers. Don’t you? Today I am working on a list. I decided that today I would do things in sets of 12. 

1. Write 12 notes to friends
2. Make a dozen cookies (and not eat a single one)
3. Tidy up 12 items in my house that need some attention 
4. Send 12 Christmas cards 
5. Spend 12 minutes in quiet reflection
6. List 12 things for which I am grateful 
7. Send 12 text messages to friends I don’t normally text.
8. Go for 4 different 12 minute walks during the day and into the    night enjoying being outside at different times of the day/night
9. Sew 12 blocks for a charity quilt (I have some fast and easy blocks going on right now.)
10. Read 12 new blogs

11. Go up and down the stairs 12 times today (believe me I have killer stairs!) 
12. Then there are the…12 prayers. (most important)

I have a fabulous announcement! See that button right up there?  On Monday, Dec 17th (that would be just around the corner), I will be a guest on Pat Sloan’s radio show. !!! I’m going to be interviewed at 4 pm EST on Monday so sent your clocks and podcasts so you can join Pat and Pat for a chat!! very cool huh!
Here are the links and information. I would love to hear from you. I’m going to get lots of rest and get a mani and a pedi in honor of this monumental event. I’ll dress up for the radio show too! you’ll see
You can listen on All People Quilt  here is the link
You can also listen via Pat’s website right here
You can also get the podcast via itunes
(that was easy)

I’m off to work on that list above I have a busy day! Happy 12.12.12