We have some winners!

Be with someone who makes you happy – unknown

What a fun chat Pat and I had on her radio show yesterday! We talked about the time a group of friends and I hosted Pat and Greg at my home for a good ol’ down south feast. Yes sireee Paul Dean was put to shame there was soooo much good southern food on the menu real fried chicken and all the fixins. We all signed up for weight watchers after that little soiree.  Here is a side bar comment to that event. Isn’t quilting amazing. Somewhere between 1/4″ seams and scalloped borders we have a bigger and deeper subject. FRIENDSHIP! and RELATIONSHIPS! From my tiny perspective of quilts and quilters those are the heart and soul of what quilting is about. I talk about all this when I go out and do guild and shop lectures and workshops all the time. Quilting is far far far more than sewing. I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing form of art.

So now I have to choose three lucky winners. They will win a copy of my Spotlight on Neutrals book. I wish I could send out hundreds of copies of the book, but alas the number is 3. I renumbered the comments so that some who commented more than once did not have an unfair advantage (we have to play fair right?)  and did the random number generator thing.  I still can’t manage to get the Random Number thingy posted to my blog the way it appears on the internet, I will make this a New Year resolution. I did the cut and past thing and here we have it …

True Random Number Generator Min: Max:  
Result: 70 
#70: Becki
True Random Number Generator   45
#45:Art By Rhonda Forbes
True Random Number Generator   

 Send me your snail mail address and I will send you a signed (my signature in the book makes the book worth pennies!) copy of that best seller Spotlight on Neutrals!

In case you did not get to listen to the broadcast you can find links right here to listen on line.

Also, I can say it now but without too much information (no spilling of the beans here, no way!) I am writing another book. You will just have to be patient because more information in coming in 2013!  I am beside myself and over the moon about this book. My skirt is blowin up everyday with joy.

And now my friends, it is time for the morning drinking of the coffee and reading blogs. I leave you in the hope you have a super QUILTY DAY! (that drives my kids crazy when I say that, ahahahahaa) Congratulations Becki, Rhonda and Diana!